Your newly sanded and sealed floor would be dry to walk on after 2-3 hours, if it is not the final coat. When it comes to the final coat I'd suggest you're being more cautious and giving it longer. The modern water-based sealers do not smell and are not harmful to you or the environment, and give a matt or semi-gloss finish typical of laminate and engineered floors.

Note that we use the highest traffic rated domestic version of Loba, a German product, the OptiFinish, not the cheaper versions. Very much more expensive industrial/very high traffic options are available.

Furniture can go back after a twenty four hour period, but be very careful for the first week. Furniture should always be placed and never dragged. The sealer cures and hardens as the days go by, taking up to seven/ten days to fully cure and harden. Pets' nails need to be trimmed regularly as these can cause more damage to floors than anything! Heavy dogs, and high heeled shoes, can ruin by scratching, a wooden floor, and even gouge into soft Oregon. After two weeks the floors will scratch less. You should not put mats or carpets, or furniture without legs, onto the newly sealed floor for the first two weeks. The alternative is to move them on a regular basis. The reason for this is that, with exposure to light and air in the first two weeks, the wood and sealer, will oxidize and possibly darken. You will end up with lighter patches if you ignore this advice and discover this on moving carpets/etc later. Floors exposed to direct sunlight will eventually lighten as the sun fades them. Consider UV limiting film on the glass. Natural wood requires a maintained relative humidity level of 30-55% throughout the year. Humidification may be needed in cold months when heating causes the air to be too dry. Shrinkage and gaps forming can happen otherwise. Too much humidity in wetter months can cause expansion and warping. Feel free to ask me to check the ventilation under your suspended floors. Plastic vents can be cut into floor boards in need. I do stock 3 Loba (German brand) products for the floors. One liter of the Loba Cleaner diluted 1-2 teaspoons in a liter of mopping water and used on daily/regular basis cleans and enhances floors. The Loba Parkett Refresh diluted 3 teaspoons in a liter of mopping water and used on a weekly/monthly basis keeps the floors looking as good as new. These two are best gently spread using the micro fibre cloth side of the Verimark Floorwiz 2-in-one mop. The Loba Floor Care product, available in both gloss and matt and applied undiluted, is painted neatly onto the floors. The latter, almost being a thin varnish really revives floors amazingly and is ideal for maintaining protection in high traffic areas such as at front doors, or in front of stoves or sinks in kitchens, where the traffic is heavy. To keep low maintenance you should never use oil or wax.

Protect your floor by gluing felt to the legs of all furniture. A suggested door mat is the Dirt Trapper available at Makro, Builders Warehouse, Mica Hardware Stores.

You can touch up scratches using readily available Floor Care, putting on several light coats rather than a few heavy coats. To prolong the life of the floor and give it life again call us in for a scrub/buff and top up coats when this looks warranted and before the sealer is so thin that it lets dirt penetrate and discolour the wood. This is not possible on top of oil or wax. If you have a flood lift carpets and dry the wood as quickly as possible, leaving all doors and windows open to get rid of excess humidity. For 24 hour assistance call either NCS on 0861 135 663 or Dryforce on 0860 800 800.

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