Our on site advice is honest and always in your interests.

We will advise you if your wooden floor is able to take a sanding and if so propose a number of coats of sealer for your particular
circumstances. We will further advise you if the ventilation in the cavity under your wooden floors needs to be improoved. We would quote
 on the supplying and fitting of air vents, cut into the wooden floors, if deemed necessary.

 We will lay blocks supplied by either ourselves or yourselves using either adhesive in the case of the small blocks, or old traditional rock
bitumen in the case of parquet.

Any number of patterns can be chosen from the traditional Basket Weave to more intricate patterns like the two Herring Bone patterns,
or one you might specify.

We will repair or extend an existing Tongue and Groove wooden floor using material supplied by ourselves or yourselves.

We will supply and lay a support system of 20 mm. cleats, 38 mm. or more brandering, or 114 mm. bearers.

We will supply and lay a new Tongue and Groove wooden floor.

The supply and laying of second hand parquet blocks, second hand Deal/Baltic Pine or Oregon Pine floors, as well as the supplying and
 laying of new tongue and groove strip floors in any number of local and imported hardwoods.

We will sand and seal your existing wooden floor, offering any number of coats of sealer for a longer lasting, more luxurious finish
and easier to clean surface.

Options are available for the sealing, more commonly the local polyurethane/solvent based sealer which is cheaper and stronger, and then
an imported water based sealer, these two being low maintenance. The third option. with high maintenance, is a imported vegitable oil based oil,
 for a totally natural look.