Held in stock are a variety of 75 x 230 x 22 mm. second hand Parquet wood blocks.
The machining of new blocks to order is undertaken where a specific timber, or size is required. New Gothic blocks are available with a 6 to 8 week delivery time.

Also available in a variety of Teaks are; 5 finger Mini Mosaic blocks in 477 x 477 x 9 mm. size, the Haddon Hall varient, Scandia varient, Anteak varient and Mini Planks to lay in basket weave pattern and standard and random lengths for stretcher bond laying.

Second hand Deal/Baltic Pine in 113 or 150 mm. and Oregon Pine in 83 mm. is available.

Any number of local (Saligna and Zimbabwean Teak) and imported hardwoods (American Ash/Oak, Oregon and Baltic ) to name a few are available in Tongue and Groove, either nailed down or floated on SAWLFA approved Elastilon.
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