Our mission -
To provide the best service and quality of work in select suburbs surrounding the zoo.
Rob's Flooring cc was formed in late 1994 by Rob Brent. Robs' late father and grandfather had both been in the timber business all their lives so it was a return to family traditions when Rob, looking for a business opportunity, saw a niche in the market, and started the business. As was the case then the business opperates from home, but from a staff of just two, with Rob himself sanding floors, the business has grown to become the leading brand name in the wooden floor and sanding and sealing of wooden floors in their niche suburbs.The teams brought on board have the expertise for the repairs to all types of wooden floors and the supplying and laying of wooden floors and the sanding and sealing of doors and windows and frames, skirtings and staircases and wooden sun decks.

Rob is very proud of the fact that there are many clients of happy returns! Repeat business through familys upgrading, downgrading, through family of family, and friends of family and colleagues. Not to mention architects, builders and others in the home improvements industry. In fact everyone seems to be aware of Rob's Flooring and it is not unusual for two or three past customers to all recommend Rob's Flooring to a prospective client. It is a regular occurence for customers to call Rob by pet family names, so relaxed are they in his company.

The staff are exceptional and women and children and domestics feel relaxed with us in their homes!

The business is a VAT registered Closed Corporation.
Rob's Flooring CC
55 Johannesburg Road
Lyndhurst, 2192
Republic of South Africa
Cell: 083 - 225-9510
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