Welcome to our web site. We appreciate your visit. The site is home built and intended mostly as a means of contacting me. Your best means is calling the cell number or emailing me using the link below. I'd love to hear from you.
Regards, Rob
Our mission.
From the outset our mission was always to provide sustainable employment opportunities while providing a top class service in all areas of the fitting, repairing of and the sanding and sealing of wooden floors.

Our vision.
To saturate our targeted suburbs within a 5 km. radius of the Johannesburg Zoo becoming a household name and allowing for a quick response time to customer and operational needs, giving top class quality, while allowing ourselves and our employees the best quality of life.
Rob's Flooring CC
55 Johannesburg Road
2192 Johannesburg
Republic of South Africa
 Cell. Phone -083-225-9510

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